Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's Thursday, Thursday, everyone kind of likes ... Thursday...

Okay, so I'm not Rebecca Black. So sue me! I like Thursdays. I think I was born on one.

After my massage on Monday, I'm feeling a lot better. I think it just took a day (or three) to make a real difference. My shoulder still hurts, but my neck is better, and, rest easy, because I can once again do that wiggly thing with my arms. And also the wave.

I got a bit of sewing done, too! I'm up to 17 Scrappy Strings blocks, and while, yes, it will probably be the ugliest quilt I've ever purposely made, it'll be beautiful, too. I'm looking forward to piecing it - I'm thinking that the placement of the blocks might be its saving grace. And those scraps are quickly disappearing, which makes me very happy!

Something I've noticed about my fabric buying is that I'm definitely a collector - I buy in collections. Usually just fat quarters, but lately I've been picking up on deals (i.e yardage at a cheap price) when I like the line. Two examples? Deer Valley, whose colors didn't appeal to me at first but have grown on me, and Chestnut Hill. While I'm usually not a fan of blue and brown, Chestnut hill really speaks to me with its vintage feel and muted blues! I love it. But then again, I've loved nearly every line Joel Dewberry has come out with!

I'm off to complete my daily dog walk and bank run. Have a great day!

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