Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the best laid plans

I had grand plans for sewing this weekend, I tell you. Grand plans!

And yet, there's been little accomplished. And that is because on Friday night, I started feeling twinges in my neck/shoulder again - the very same ones that caused me a hell of a lot of pain two weeks ago. Lo and Behold, the same pain - except worse - came back Saturday, and has now been my constant companion since then.

What a bummer.

Worse than that? I had a two hour masssage yesterday in the hopes of working out the kinks in the muscle area, and while it helped for a few hours and cleared up some pain in my arms, my shoulder and neck still hurt. I'm hoping that, with some more TLC and refraining from doing Ridiculous Things, it'll ease up a bit: it's already better than Saturday, but I think it takes time. I'm going to head to chiropractor anyway for an adjustment and to find out the cause.

I didn't get a lot done, but I did finish a few things:

- Cut out fabric for my Modern Meadow Sawtooth Star: I've got about 12 blocks left!
- Pieced together 4 more 'Scrappy Strings' blocks, and set up four more to be sewn.
- Cleaned my bathroom! (mostly!)
- Watched "Inkubus", which you can find on your local Redbox. It was pretty good, all-around.
- Watched "Stardust" again. God, I love that movie!

And, pain or no pain, I plan on finishing a few things this week (because really, what's the point in not doing it?)

- A few more Modern Meadow blocks.
- Those scrappy strings blocks!
- Watch "Return to Oz".
- Put away fabric!

It's off to work I go; but everyone have a great day! :)

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