Saturday, December 29, 2012

Long Time, No See!

You know how the holiday season is: a whirlwind! Despite the slow season for business, work picks up for managers during this time of year (which you know if you've ever worked in a restaurant!) That means less time quilting and sewing, and more time going home and sleeping.

But there has been progress on a lot of fronts! I've been trying to whittle down some WIP's so that there's a little less clutter in the house.

Outfoxed blocks are all sewn! This one was particularly difficult because while the blocks are easy, the repetitive motions are sometimes difficult for me to concentrate on. Read: I get bored easily. But I've done it! I picked up some white fabric last week, and hopefully sometime soon there'll be time to piece the blocks together. The pattern is from Oh! Fransson's "Clothesline Quilts", the tutorial for which I can't find anymore.

I finally got tired of waiting to use all those selvedges. They were just taking up room! I started my selvedge spiderweb a few weeks ago, and so far I'm loving the rainbow craziness of it. Personally, I like my rainbows to go in - well - rainbow order, so it's difficult to let loose and sew randomly. But so far, it's been nice!

After tea-dyeing fabric after fabric and scouring Hobby Lobby and Joann's for all their white-on-white, I began not one, but two tea-dyed quilts! So far, they've been simple in construction and I'm enamored with them both! I'l have a separate post on those later!

Dessert of the Month Club sampler FINISHED! My first ever sampler, completely done. I'm so proud! In other embroidery news, I'm still trucking along on the Fruit of the Month sampler and the Kawaii Winter Sampler. And I already signed up for the Kawaii Woodland Sampler, because I am insane and love having too many projects...

We watched the Hobbit. And then we decided, let's watch it again! So we did. And then on Christmas I thought: why not go watch the Hobbit? So away I went, on the coldest night so far, to Middle Earth. In high school I was a giant LoTR geek, and this film has taken me right back into that! How could I have forgotten all those wonderful stories? Peter Jackson, the cast and crew did a tremendous job with this time-honored and treasured story. When I realized that the third film was a year away I nearly cried! But it'll be well worth the wait.

This little lady finished her Petsmart obedience training! Her classmate left, so she and I had one-on-one time with the trainer, who was excellent all-round. My family was so impressed by all her tricks and know-how - and honestly, I never imagined I'd have a dog that could be that well-trained! (I'm a bit lacking in training myself). She had her spaying surgery the next day, but luckily all went well and she's back to her usual self now. With any luck - and we'll need it, I'm sure! - she'll have a sibling in a month or so! 

I'll be back later in the week with some tea-dyed goodness and some new year's resolutions!

Later Days,