Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a productive weekend.

I've been in a funk lately. Where I'm usually excited beyond belief to be sewing, lately I've been ... down in the dumps. Somewhere between lacking motivation and depressed.

This weekend, I found a remedy. I picked up some of my older, QAYG blocks - blocks that sat unfinished and untrimmed. Neglected, even! Just trimming them gave me a sense of sastisfaction - they looked so neat! I finished about six on Saturday, three on Sunday and two more yesterday. I think it's safe to say I'm on a bit of a roll! I love working on these blocks: it's the quilting and the piecing all-in-one, which is the reason for my little love affair with quilt-as-you go. It's also really gratifying to complete even a little more work on a couple of projects that got put to the wayside (I even cleared some room for them on my bookshelf!)

Currently, I've got two in the works: one centered around Heather Ross prints where each block is a different color, and one with a green-and-brown neutral palette that, while pretty, is a bit more masculine in nature. One is for my bed, and the other is meant to be a Christmas gift for my brother and his wife. I think they'll like it - I certainly hope so!

There's been other things going on this week, too:

- I snagged 12 habitat half-yards from Sew Modern Online. They're 3.93 each! That's a steal for yours truly!

- Got in a set of Folksy Flannel fat quarters. I'm thinking another flannel quilt may be in my future.

- My Lizzy House pattern bundle came in! With THE COLORIST! I'm so psyched!

- Ordered some tonal prints for the stash: some Lark, the woodgrain prints from The Woodlands, and a few more LouLouthi flannel prints I loved. I've also gotten in some more of the jewels from Lizzy House's lines - I'm glad to be able to put these to use in my QAYG quilt!

- Worked a bit more on my niece's quilt. For a project that was so quick in coming together, it's been difficult to pick up! Maybe I'll have some energy tonight ...

While this week should be busy, I'm also looking forward to getting some things done this weekend...

- "Woman in Black" and "Chronicle" both hit theaters this weekend! I'm seeing both!
- Tonight I'm washing a quilt made by my Dad's mother. It's been passed down to all of us, and after years of washing and use, it's got some holes and a bit patch missing (although it's not as bad as the smoke smell). I'm going to see about getting rid of the icky smells, and then trying to repair the damage. I think I'm up to the challenge: I loved that quilt as a kid, and I would really like to see it retain some of it's former glory! We'll see... I think I'll post some before and after pictures...
- I ordered some WASHI TAPE by Rashida Coleman Hale! I love those prints - so pretty and graphic! Just perfect! Can't wait until they arrive!
- And hopefully some more Modern Meadow blocks completed! (Hoping for all of them to be done might be too ambitious ... but definitely some ...)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Another week has passed, and alas, not much sewing has been done. Mostly due to my unwillingness to take on projects when I'm either a.) trying to ensure the cleanliness of the house, or b.) know I have a lot to do in the morning. I'm also having to adjust to a new schedule wherein I'm working by myself three nights a week, which takes quite a bit of my energy.

However, there were some things accomplished:

- Took a friend to Bush Intercontinental Airport. It was fun for about five minutes, and I'm glad I've never had to fly internationally because that place is RIDICULOUS.
- Grabbed some Lizzy House goodies! She had a deal going on her website for her pattern book, two patterns, a notebook, and some embroidery patterns - I could not resist! I've been eying that book for a while...and those notebooks are SUPER cute.
- More Echino came in; it's definitely for my nieces' quilts this winter, but I'm holding off on starting either one of them until it's a bit later in the year.
-Broke down and bought the LouLouthi Velveteens. I got mine from Charm Stitch. I can't wait to try them out, but I may just be petting them for awhile...
- Reorganized my fabric; they're now all in bins that are about the same size. I love it.

And there are definitely some things planned:

- Cutting out all of my bits and baubles for my Outfoxed quilt - making a new quilt top is so exciting, it always gets my energy up!
- Finishing up my niece's quilt top. After taking a step away and taking a look at the one I've got down, I'm pleased with the result so far. Fun, colorful, but not obnoxiously loud or too childish. Perfect for a child of seven.
- Continue with the apartment overhaul. I'm also trying to set aside some fabrics that are definitely not stashers, but might look good in Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks!
- Going through my DVD's and giving away the ones that aren't particularly "keepers".

And there are always things I'm looking forward to, particularly for Spring:

- Hello Pilgrim! Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait.
- The Thing on DVD!
- Undeworld 4! The Woman in Black! CASA DE MI PADRE (do not laugh, unless it is at the trailer for this because it is going to be RIDICULOUSLY funny).

That's all she wrote for now, folks! I'm off to work (a bit!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

weekends are for fun - mostly

It's only Tuesday, and I'm already BEAT.

We had a wedding Saturday that, while it was fun (and it went well, and the family had fun which was the most important thing), was also incredibly taxing mentally. I worried about it for months! Now that it's over, I feel like I can relax. (A little).

I started on a quilt for my niece! The last time I made one for her was when she was a newborn - seven years ago! I figure it's high time for a new one. This one will be her Christmas gift. A few months ago, I cut out a bunch of vintage sheets and fairy tale prints - but nothing looked good together, so I scrapped the project. After being inspired by the scrap-usage of all the quilters online lately, I thought they might look good together, after all! Going through my stash of saved 5" squares from charm packs, and those previously cut fabrics, I managed to put together a quilt I rather like! I think she'll love it, too. I'm 1/3 of the way finished with the top, and if I can keep the momentum up, it'll be done in no-time!

Other things that went on this week:

- Bought some batting and Gutermann thread for the machine (after using Gutermann, I don't think I can go back, even if it IS more expensive).
- Bought the novelization for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" for my kindle.
- Watched "Sleeping Beauty".
- Brought home some Echino scraps for possible quilts for my nieces - we'll see - and some of Patty Young's LUSH! I'm in love with her Running Stitch print.
- Got some solids in for my Outfoxed quilt. After tweaking the pattern a bit, I think I'm going to be very pleased! I can't wait to finish the two quilts I've got going and start on this one!

I'm off to close down. Here's to a productive week, eh?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happenings, Stashings

It's been a quiet New Year's weekend for me: luckily so, because we were swamped at work all week and the reprieve was nice.

- Watched "The Prophecy" one and two for the first time. Viggo Mortensen is terrifying as Lucifer. "You know what Hell really is, Thomas? It's not lakes of burning oil or chains of ice. It's being removed from God's sight, having His word taken from you. It's hard to believe. So hard. I know that better than anyone."

- Worked on some more blocks for my Modern Meadow quilt! I think I've got about four left, that are ready to finish, and then about 20 more after that! It's exciting how quickly it's coming together!

- I started working on my quilt-as-you-go log cabins again. I finished another block and started working on two others. It's an easy, painless project to work on when I get frustruated with the particulars of more difficult projects. I have two going: a heather ross log cabin, and a green-and-neutral log cabin. I've about ten or so blocks finished for both!

- Did some organizing! Picked up a few little bins at Target; pictures of that coming soon!

I've also picked up a few things for the stash ... bad, I know. But this is as bad as I'm going to be for the next few months while I try to straighten out my finances (and do some mad saving!)

- Picked up the entire collection of Ruby Star Rising in fat quarters. I'm in love with this line: so bright, so fun! Paired with some black framing and some solids, I think I'd end up with a beautiful quilt!
- The "sprout" colorway of Parisville. So lovely!
- All of the "eyedrop" prints from Parisville. I wasn't very fond of them at first, but they've definitely grown on me: I think they're a perfect addition to my stash!
- Picked up six of the "Snip Snip" prints from Wonderland! I'm so glad to have found them, I looked for them everywhere before ... I've got them in Jam, Sugar Plum, Glass, Sky, Tomato, and Chai! I only need them in Pistachio!

Once I finish my Modern Meadow top, and my Little Miss Alice top, my next project is an Outfoxed top! But I'm resolved to withold buying the solids for said quilt until I'm ready to start :)

I'm off to work on a wedding. You have a great day!