Friday, September 16, 2011

A Busy Month.

Long time, no see. Normally, I would attempt to blog more regularly, but this month has been so hectic and busy that I've barely had time to breath, much less blog.

A few of the many things I've been up to:

- Been back and forth to Houston for food shows, dinners and classes; it feels like I've barely been home!
- Bought Thor, X-Men: First Class, Star Trek 2009, and Jane Eyre (2011) - all of these movies are FANTASTIC, and I think I've watched each of them a bajillion times!

And on the quilting front:

- Working on my Hexagon Quilt. I took pictures of some arrangements of "blocks" and bagged those so I would have some to work on in an organized manner - I've sewn a few of those together, even, so it's a start.
- I've made significant progress on my Tula Pink/Prince Charming quilt! I sewed together what I thought was all the blocks, but since I had quite a bit left over, I decided to add one more row of another five blocks! I have yet to sew those together, but I'm looking forward to it!
- I've pieced together more blocks for my Poseidon quilt. I've now got 7 of 42! I haven't had time in the last week or so to complete any more, but they're so easy I think it'll be a breeze!
- I FINALLY decided on a pattern for my "Peeps" quilt. It's from FreshLemonsQuilts, and it's called Kaleidoscopic Quilts - a deliciously free pattern here. Once I saw the colors, I was like, "That's it!" I increased the size by two blocks lengthwise and widthwise, because I like a bigger quilt, and to get through some more of my stash.

And I've been trying to be good, but I ordered ...

- Some solids/builders, including the Illusion prints from the 1001 Peeps line, and some solids in blues and greens.
- Some white solid; I'm thinking I may just have to buy an entire bolt of one someday.
- Some LouLouthi flannels! I purchased half of the set (six pieces), and I intend to order the other six prints in the line (and eventually some AMH folksy flannels) to make a warm, comfy, flannel quilt. Yum-o! Can't wait!
- Some of the brown Pearl Bracelet for the binding on my Peeps Quilt!
- Some of the Dandelions in Indigo for binding my Prince Charming Quilt, and Frog Prince in Olive for the backing. I love the Frog Print, I couldn't resist!

I'll eventually get around to posting some pictures, and getting into more detail ... at the moment, things are so hectic I've barely been able to blog at all! :)

I'm off to work - later days!