Friday, February 15, 2013

Do the Harlem Shake

Or don't. I haven't, but make sure you check out the videos on Youtube because those are RIDICULOUS.

Valentine's Day was yesterday! I celebrated it with these chocolates (thank you customer!) and my dogs.

I dyed these fabrics this week! I really love the saturation of the colors, although I will say that the iDye leaves the white parts of the fabric a bit whiter than the RIT dye (but that's not a deal breaker!) I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with them, but for now I'm content to just oogle :)

Of the four I picked out here, I dyed the two "green" hues, Olive and Emerald. I will say that the Olive ends up dyeing a shade or two darker than that - it's really a brown/green, which is to be expected, but you have to dry it out before it looks that way! When the fabric is dyeing it looks black! The Emerald is a lovely color, though :)

I started watching this. I'm sort of in love with it and if you don't hear from me again it's because I couldn't stop watching it...

I love, love, LOVE these Martha Negley feathers. Again, I don't know quite what to do with them, but I'm ecstatic that they're mine!

There was also Tres Leches this week, which makes me infinitely happy.

I'm hoping to get a quilt top finished this weekend (only two more seams to sew!) and another little cross-stitch character done. (As well as much puppy cuddling and sandwich eating). (Because I gave up pizza which was a silly, silly decision).

Later days!

- Katie

Friday, February 8, 2013

new adventures

I knew I wanted to get another puppy as soon as I got Sulli. I had siblings - lots of them - and we never had just one doggy family member. They always had a doggy companion to be buds with.

And I have always, always wanted a Corgi. Aren't they the cutest, sweetest little dogs? Sulli is the sweetest little girl, but I think I got lucky as far as Chihuahuas go. And even she has her moments. A friendly, eager-to-please dog like a Corgi is perfect for a stubborn little Chihuahua.

Enter Niko!

I was so psyched to have the opportunity to take this little dude home. He's fussier than Sulli was - cries a lot more, but I think it's just going from one atmosphere to another. He used to live on a farm, and now he lives on an island.

But he is super cute and definitely awesome, and I think he's the shiz.

You'll be seeing him a bit more about this space!

Other than puppy times, there's been little sewing going on. (How can I sew when I've got this cuteness to look at?) 

I picked up these magazines at Barnes and Noble. Some really cute stuff in here!

Can't wait to start on this simple strip quilt and using up my long-hoarded Wonderland Jelly Roll. Once I saw this pattern in the new issue of Quilty, I couldn't help but want to try it!

Attempted to finish this guy in time for a visit with my nephew, but alas I could not. I'll ship it to them with some tasty treats later :)

Got these pretty fabrics for bindings! The tartan is for the Weasley Blanket, the Sea Flowers in Blossom is for the Tea-Dyed Floral, and the Leopard is for the Field Study/Cocoon quilt. The other three fabrics are stash-builders; Lizzy House always includes really effective ones in all of her lines, so I tend to lean towards those.

Which is why I've collected these Pearl Bracelets since 1001 Peeps! Knew they'd come in handy for the quilt I plan on making with my Lizzy House scraps, and when she released some new colors I had to get them!

Plans for the weekend? 

- Sleeping in (hopefully)

- Watching Arbitrage and Captives (I'm on a Tim Roth binge this weekend, so sue me)

- Piecing together that Wonderland Quilt.

- Finishing my first Dwarf on the Hobbit Cross stitch (Balin!)

Back to the grindstone for me! 

Later days,