Tuesday, February 7, 2012

weekend fun!

It was rainy and wet here in Galveston this weekend, which led to some very, very slow days at our restaurant! And while that's sometimes (see: rarely) pleasant, this weekend it just let to incredible boredom, which is one of my least favorite things! But I did get a few things done once I got off work on Sunday/Monday...

- Watch "Chronicle". If you are looking for a feel-good, kids-become-superheroes movie - which wasn't really what I was looking for, I'm just saying - turn away now. This move is so intense and emotional that you would almost forget about them having powers. I felt so intensely bad for the main character: if you've ever been bullied, or at the bottom of the social totem pole, you know exactly how he feels. And having gotten past that - having survived it - makes it all the more upsetting to see what becomes of him. That said, it's one of the best movies I've seen this year or last year.

- Also watched "The Woman in Black". This movie is beautifully shot and the actors are favorites of mine (Ciaran Hinds! Daniel Radcliffe! Sadly, I was the only one who knew the former). It's intensely scary and unnerving - not in the same way as "Insidious", which was terrifying, or "Paranormal Activity 3", which made me scream, but in the same vein. It's a wonderful ghost story, and I definitely recommend it if you like them! Living on an island with marshes and occasionally thick fog made this one much creepier for me...

- I bought a few things ... yes, I know, I'm bad. I picked up some more sashing/backing fabric (white kona), and some Kona Carnation to repair my grandmother's quilt, as well as a template and some 50% off Gutermann thread! And some hand-quilting needles, too. I also snagged a few of my favorite "green" prints to go along with my green quilt-as-you-go project.

- Not to mention some new fabric (some Sea Breeze, Deer Valley, Essex Linen in Flax, and some misc. stash builders), all of my Habitat came in! I'm only missing one print from the entire line, but I'm in LOVE with this fabric. Once I finish up a few of my ongoing projects, I think I'm going to making a string quilt with the Essex Linen in Flax and Habitat! I'm psyched just thinking about it!

- Finished two more of my Heather Ross blocks! This time a periwinkle featuring Alice in Wonderland and a plum/lavender featuring Pussycat and the Owl!

- Watched "What's Your Number?" (very cute!) and Blade II (which I've seen a million times, but still love).

I've got big plans for tonight, nerd that I am. Since I'm off tomorrow morning, I'm going to: make more fabric boards, sew some blocks, and do some cleaning and reorganizing. I've been (purposely) neglecting my laundry all week, so this will be the laundry day of reckoning. Eek!

I'm off to do some (actual) work, be back later!

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