Saturday, February 18, 2012

its too eaaaarrrllly.....

It's way too early to be up.

(Okay, maybe it's 10:30 and I got up an hour ago, but I'm not a morning person. Even a late morning.)

When I woke up - coincidentally, fourteen minutes before I had to be at work - I heard thunder and went, "Oh, crap." And sure enough, I had to wait about ten minutes before I could be out the door, because there was a 100% chance of me getting drenched before I got to my car.

But I made it! No wet clothes here (except for maybe my jacket, a little, and my shoes).

Rainy days usually equal days people don't come to the island, so for us it might be a slow day. I brought my tutorial notebooks (filled with tutorials I've printed for later use) to organize (they're a bit big!).

As for other cool happenings this week?

- I watched "The Wiz". I'd forgotten how much I loved this movie. And the soundtrack came with it OMGZ

- I sewed a few more QAYG blocks! So far I'm only missing 18 for one quilt!

- Organized all my fabric! When I say "organized", I say "put it in places where it looks like it goes". Usually I put all of the same line together, and I'm planning on writing on the plastic containers what's what. Sometime.

- I'm up to 34 of my 48 Modern Meadow blocks! I've got another three in the works, but it's taking me a hot minute, because I like to be accurate and that's tedious.

- Bought some Deer Valley. I'd already gotten all the 'Floral Drop' prints, so I bought all of the 'Antler Damask', 'Architectural', and 'Meadow Lace' prints. At first I was a little skeptical of this line, but now I love it. I'm planning a quilt around those antler prints, but we'll see!

- Cut out some 11" square sheets of paper to make a string quilt. I'm planning on using up some of my scraps ... I've got way too many, specifically cut for my QAYG quilt, that I'm either not super fond of or will never use.

- Basted some hexagons! :)

I have a few plans for this weekend: buy 'The Hobbit' and 'Tin Man', pick up a friend at the airport, sew some more. Probably watch 'Ghost Rider' with my buddies. And sew some more. But for right now, I need to get to stepping on this work ... have a great weekend and if you're dealing with a rainy day, may it be a sleepy one!

- Kait

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