Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a productive weekend.

I've been in a funk lately. Where I'm usually excited beyond belief to be sewing, lately I've been ... down in the dumps. Somewhere between lacking motivation and depressed.

This weekend, I found a remedy. I picked up some of my older, QAYG blocks - blocks that sat unfinished and untrimmed. Neglected, even! Just trimming them gave me a sense of sastisfaction - they looked so neat! I finished about six on Saturday, three on Sunday and two more yesterday. I think it's safe to say I'm on a bit of a roll! I love working on these blocks: it's the quilting and the piecing all-in-one, which is the reason for my little love affair with quilt-as-you go. It's also really gratifying to complete even a little more work on a couple of projects that got put to the wayside (I even cleared some room for them on my bookshelf!)

Currently, I've got two in the works: one centered around Heather Ross prints where each block is a different color, and one with a green-and-brown neutral palette that, while pretty, is a bit more masculine in nature. One is for my bed, and the other is meant to be a Christmas gift for my brother and his wife. I think they'll like it - I certainly hope so!

There's been other things going on this week, too:

- I snagged 12 habitat half-yards from Sew Modern Online. They're 3.93 each! That's a steal for yours truly!

- Got in a set of Folksy Flannel fat quarters. I'm thinking another flannel quilt may be in my future.

- My Lizzy House pattern bundle came in! With THE COLORIST! I'm so psyched!

- Ordered some tonal prints for the stash: some Lark, the woodgrain prints from The Woodlands, and a few more LouLouthi flannel prints I loved. I've also gotten in some more of the jewels from Lizzy House's lines - I'm glad to be able to put these to use in my QAYG quilt!

- Worked a bit more on my niece's quilt. For a project that was so quick in coming together, it's been difficult to pick up! Maybe I'll have some energy tonight ...

While this week should be busy, I'm also looking forward to getting some things done this weekend...

- "Woman in Black" and "Chronicle" both hit theaters this weekend! I'm seeing both!
- Tonight I'm washing a quilt made by my Dad's mother. It's been passed down to all of us, and after years of washing and use, it's got some holes and a bit patch missing (although it's not as bad as the smoke smell). I'm going to see about getting rid of the icky smells, and then trying to repair the damage. I think I'm up to the challenge: I loved that quilt as a kid, and I would really like to see it retain some of it's former glory! We'll see... I think I'll post some before and after pictures...
- I ordered some WASHI TAPE by Rashida Coleman Hale! I love those prints - so pretty and graphic! Just perfect! Can't wait until they arrive!
- And hopefully some more Modern Meadow blocks completed! (Hoping for all of them to be done might be too ambitious ... but definitely some ...)

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