Saturday, January 14, 2012


Another week has passed, and alas, not much sewing has been done. Mostly due to my unwillingness to take on projects when I'm either a.) trying to ensure the cleanliness of the house, or b.) know I have a lot to do in the morning. I'm also having to adjust to a new schedule wherein I'm working by myself three nights a week, which takes quite a bit of my energy.

However, there were some things accomplished:

- Took a friend to Bush Intercontinental Airport. It was fun for about five minutes, and I'm glad I've never had to fly internationally because that place is RIDICULOUS.
- Grabbed some Lizzy House goodies! She had a deal going on her website for her pattern book, two patterns, a notebook, and some embroidery patterns - I could not resist! I've been eying that book for a while...and those notebooks are SUPER cute.
- More Echino came in; it's definitely for my nieces' quilts this winter, but I'm holding off on starting either one of them until it's a bit later in the year.
-Broke down and bought the LouLouthi Velveteens. I got mine from Charm Stitch. I can't wait to try them out, but I may just be petting them for awhile...
- Reorganized my fabric; they're now all in bins that are about the same size. I love it.

And there are definitely some things planned:

- Cutting out all of my bits and baubles for my Outfoxed quilt - making a new quilt top is so exciting, it always gets my energy up!
- Finishing up my niece's quilt top. After taking a step away and taking a look at the one I've got down, I'm pleased with the result so far. Fun, colorful, but not obnoxiously loud or too childish. Perfect for a child of seven.
- Continue with the apartment overhaul. I'm also trying to set aside some fabrics that are definitely not stashers, but might look good in Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks!
- Going through my DVD's and giving away the ones that aren't particularly "keepers".

And there are always things I'm looking forward to, particularly for Spring:

- Hello Pilgrim! Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait.
- The Thing on DVD!
- Undeworld 4! The Woman in Black! CASA DE MI PADRE (do not laugh, unless it is at the trailer for this because it is going to be RIDICULOUSLY funny).

That's all she wrote for now, folks! I'm off to work (a bit!)

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