Saturday, March 10, 2012

rainy weekend

So it's forecast to rain all weekend. Tomorrow's supposed to be the worst day! This is particularly frustrating because it's our first "Spring Break" weekend here in southeast Texas, so we were (or I was) expecting to be busy. Oh, well; hopefully it clears up for next week (or oodles of folks come down and swim despite the rain).

(Just a side note - I know us Gulf folks are fortunate because the waters are typicaly warmer than on the Pacific or Atlantic, but WHY would you swim in March? You'll get sick! It's way too cold! My mama always said, "You swim on the first of May, and you wait 'til then!" It's ya'lls business, but I'd rather collect seashells myself.)

In any case, I've gotten quite a bit crossed off my list this week, cleaning or otherwise:

- All fabric is now labeled!
- I finally ordered Tula Pink's "Quilts From the House of Tula Pink". I'm really looking forward to this book - I love her fabric and I love her work!
- I also ordered "Modern Minimal: 20 Quilt Projects" and "Denyse Schmidt Quilts", which was on super sale for $9.99! Love it and can't wait!
- My green prints should be coming in today! :)
- I have an admission: I love toys. Especially cute ones, and so the Funko POP! Wicked Witch, Belle, and some Alice in Wonderland plushies MAY have ended up in my cart...
- I also joined the Dessert of the Month club from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery! These are so super cute - and I have plenty of embroidery thread, but almost NONE of the colors I need, so I have to go buy them! Can anyone say Joann's?

At the moment, I'm designing an embroidery pattern. I found some cute Zelda cross-stitch patterns online, but the picture I wanted to cross-stitch wasn't there - so I'm making my own! I may have to enlarge it, but it'll be super-cute with any luck! :)

I'm off to work on that. I KNOW I have those colors :) Ya'll have a great Spring Break!

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