Saturday, March 24, 2012

the light at the end of spring break

This weekend is, to my knowledge, the last weekend of Spring Break, and this girl could not be happier about it.

It's not that I don't love the business (or my customers): I do! But tack extra busy hours onto already long days and that equals exhaustion. As it is, I work all day today (read: 14 hours) and tomorrow (a smooth 11) and then I'm off for a day. One of our managers thought it would be a good time to take a weekend off: I obviously do not agree :). I've got a biggish party this morning and probably a busy night, and then we're all clear! Hopefully.

Well, that's that, at least. It's definitely hindered my ability to sew, because I can't really muster the energy that late at night ... but I got a few things done!

- I pieced some sashing on my "Alice" quilt. In my estimation, there's only about 14 more seams to be pieced! BOOYA! I'll need to add a border before it's done, but I'm getting close! If I finish it this week, I can cross that off my list for March, too.

- Started organizing my blocks for my Outfoxed quilt. I'm really liking the way it's beginning to look!

And because I'm a weak human being, I also did some fabric and/or book ordering.

- Yours truly got in a copy of "Farmer's Wife Quilt". Having waited for this one forever, I was super pleased to see it come in!
- I may or may not have purchased the Ariel and Ursula Funko!Pop figures. I also may or may not have a problem to be buying toys at my age.
- Christmas Gifts were decided upon: each of my brothers will recieve a quilt reflecting their favorite color. This, I have decided, is doable. We'll see. If not, everyone gets Lord of the Rings Pez!
- I ordered extra prints in blue, red, and silver (three of my bros favorite colors). There was also this really cute Scandinavian Owl print at Sew Fresh fabrics that I knew my older brother (who loves owls) would appreciate ... and it's not too girly, either!
- I bought some patterns from Tula Pink that were totally bitchin': Kiss Kiss and Windswept, as well as some "Sea of Tears in Dusk", one of my favorite prints, to go with it!
- Did you know that "Salt Air" by Cosmo Cricket was out in yardage? I didn't! But when I discovered this, I snagged half yards of all of the "Waves in Ocean" and "Fish Tales" prints ... as well as a yard of Day Dreamin' in Villa from Lush!

In any case, I need to go get prepared for this party. I'll be back later with pictures, hopefully of some finished quilt tops!

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