Thursday, March 15, 2012

You know it's Spring Break when ...

... your feet hurt - in the morning, at night, during the day, when you're sitting down ...

... it's already reached the upper 70's. Heaven help us.

... your "breakfast of champions" consists of candy and Monster. Nutritious, I know.

Spring Break is insane here in Galveston. So many folks coming down for the afternoon, for the day, for the weekend; they're all over! Fortunately, I'm in the right business for that! I'm expecting one or two more "big" days, and then hopefully a reprieve.

I'm only THREE blocks away from finishing my Modern Meadow blocks. THREE! And I cut out the fabrics for the last two yesterday. I'm hoping that if we're not too crazy today, I can finish them tonight - it would just make my day to be able to plan their layout tomorrow!

I'm also hoping to finish up some sashing for my Little Miss Alice quilt - that would be nice to throw in the ol' quilt closet! I got in some cute (read: four) little Funko plushies from the new Alice in Wonderland movie, and I think a photo-op using those suckers is in order ...

There's also been quite a few books trickling in:

- "Quilts From the House of Tula Pink". Everything in this book is magic. I love the pictures, I love the colors, I LOVE the projects. Her quilt patterns are just as delicious as the fabric she designs!

- "Denyse Schmidt Quilts". I got this one on SUPER sale - $9.99 plus shipping - and I have to say, I'm delighted with it. I love her minimalist style - a lot of these projects would be good for a project for my dad or brother.

- "Modern Minimal". Alyssa's style is so simple and chic, and it's perfectly reflected here in this book. The tutorials are difficult for me to read, but that's only because I have a problem with directions - as in, any kind of direction is difficult to read! So I guess I just have to dive in and try them, right? :)

I took the liberty - ahem - of finally ordering "Farmer's Wife Quilts". Mostly to read the letters for now, and start on the blocks later (or whenever I feel like it!)

My goals for the rest of this month? As it calms down from Spring Break and before we head into summer, I'd like to finish the two quilt tops I have waiting to be completed (Modern Meadow & Little Miss Alice), and I'd like to start on Outfoxed. After that ... I think Habitat and Hello Pilgrim are calling my name!

And right now, the floor is literally calling my name! More later (and with pictures!)

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