Friday, March 30, 2012


I had the morning off today.

It was awesome.

First, I watched "Return to Oz" - does anyone remember that movie? It was totally sweet. Old fantasy movies are my favorites!

Then, I watched some crime shows - I've been really into those lately! Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries, you name it. They make for some pleasant, mindless television.

I'm happy to say that ALL of my Scraptastic Strings have been pieced! It turns out I had about four more finished than I thought ... so I only had to sew nine today! And I've even got 1/3 of them removed from their paper. I think I'll finish the rest tonight, and sew it up this weekend!

I also worked out the layouts for the rest of my Green QAYG blocks, but now that I'm nearly done ... I'm going to take a look at how it looks finished, but I think I might have to add another row on each side! That's 14 more blocks! We'll see - I have plenty of green fabric to use still. First I need to finish them up!

And that's the plan for this weekend. I have two days off instead of just one, so I'm going to a.) watch Korean dramas and b.) sew, sew sew. And possibly clean, clean, clean.

I recieved some red, blue, and grey fabrics ... one for each of my brothers. I can't wait to go home and sort some piles of colorful fabric. :)

Have a great night, ya'll! And happy Palm Sunday for those of you who celebrate it this weekend!

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