Tuesday, March 6, 2012

jewels and chestnuts and washi, oh my!

Yes, I got more fabric in yesterday. And yes, I love it.

All of the jewel prints from Lizzy House's Outfoxed in 1/2 yards. Some more Chestnut Hill (those Buttercup prints kill me!). And the rest of the Washi line in 1/2 yards. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

All in all, this weekend went pretty well! I washed my dogs, went to church, watched RuPaul's Drag Race, and ate with friends. I even got a few more blocks finished: a couple for my Scraptastic Strings (current count: 14) and one more for my Green Quilt-as-you-go (current count: 18).

I also completed one of my goals for March: Take down Christmas Tree! Yes, I know, I'm incredibly lazy. In my defense, I was kind of depressed when I put it up, and it seemed like it took FOREVER, so I imagined taking it down would be an event, too. Anyway, it (mercifully) went rather quickly.

I have a few other goals for March:

1. Complete my niece's quilt top.
2. Finish up my Scraptastic Strings top!
3. Finish up all the QAYG: Green quilt blocks. I had to order some more green prints - I'd thrown away some accidentally (like an idiot) and the prints I had left to use were too saturated; I had no solids to throw in the mix anymore. They should be here by the weekend...
4. Finish up my "Little Miss Alice" quilt top. I just need to sash the blocks and add a border; it should take TOO long, I've just been lazy about it :)

In the new spirit of the year (it took me awhile - I AM a procrastinator), I'm going to get back to work and finish up some of the stuff on my work list. Later dayS!

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