Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's not "playing hookie" if you're actually sick.

I took the day off of work Wednesday. In actuality, I was planning on taking at least the night off from the ol' job - I'd worked extra hours the week previous and one of the other managers wanted to make up a shift, so I was more than okay with letting him do so.

The night before, I felt just awful - not only did I have a dog headbutt me and shove my glasses into the corner of my eye (and later bite my lip like a jerk!), but I had a headache and icky feelings before that. So as soon as I closed everything down and got home (around 10:30), I conked out and called it a night.

The next day, I still felt awful - and let me tell you that, if you're going to buy the Target Up! version of Theraflu, please do not buy the honey lemon flavor, because it tasted like a little like lemon and a lot like all the things you never wanted to taste.

I spent most of the day alternating sleeping, playing video games on the couch (and, when my brother came by, he watched me majorly WIN at Zelda), and sewing. My LouLouthi Flannels Chevron has gone from 20% complete to 85% complete, and having that day to recover and calm down definitely helped! (As well as two Star Trek movies and the newly arrived Star Trek Season 2 DVD). (And also Mint Oreo Cookies which are the BEST. THING. EVER.)

Next week is going to be a crazy week for work - we've got a lot going on, and the time I'm taking off to work on Christmas stuff is that next weekend. I'm hoping to have the Chevron quilt finished by then, and have all of my fabric cut, so that when I really do "get down to business" I can work on the things I'm supposed to! I'm very proud to say that, aside from the Christmas quilts, I've actually -finished- all of the top WIP's that I had lying around!

No excess fabric cut out for projects I'm not going to finish at the moment? ... this can't be my apartment.

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