Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunshine and Puppies

Sunshine and puppies, sunshine and puppies. That mantra worked when I was having minor surgery and when I lived through a hurricane and damn it all, it's going to work today.

I've been working on paperwork since Sunday. For eight hours Sunday, this insane, repetitive paperwork, and I am now currently still working on said paperwork (after having worked on it since nine this morning). At the present, I'm taking a break.

With all quilt tops I've had cut out completed (with the exception of the LouLouthi Flannels quilt), I decided I needed the panic of having untouched fabric cut out. So I finally cut into my "Little Miss Alice" quilt bundle (courtesty of Fabricworm nearly a year ago) and decided on a pattern.

I've had the idea to do this for months, but each time I'd get ready to some wonderful fabric would come out and I'd be all, "I need to work with that RIGHTTHISMINUTE." Finally, it's Alice's turn. I've decided to use a red Christmas fabric I've owned forever for the binding, and hand-quilt it with some like-colored pearl cotton I've owned (also for forever). The sashing will be from scraps of white fabric I've had lying around the house.

My four days of vacation are coming up, so I'm getting ready to quilt. quilt. quilt. Now all I need is a bunch of stuff to watch (I'm looking at you, episodes of Star Trek I haven't seen and some films from Netflix). Possibly looking into borrowing some DVD's from my buddy for my four day quilting madness.

If at that time, I don't emerge from my apartment, I assure you I'm quite happy. Please leave the pizza and juice at the door.

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