Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for a New Year

I'm a big "goal" person. I like to plan out what I'm going to do and then go for it. If I succeed, that's great: if I don't I can try again. Every year, though, I kind of eschew the "new year's" goals - but not this year!

This year, I've got a few. But I think they're reasonable.

1. Take time to exercise - at least thirty minutes a day, a few times a week. I can't promise myself I'll get up at five every morning to run, but I can take thirty minutes to speed walk or jog on the beach.

2. Eat healthier - less sweets, more fruits & vegetables! I'm not a big vegetable fan, but this year I've found my tastes changing, and I think I can learn to love them. I want to be the healthiest Katie I can be.

3. Finish up the quilts in the closet! I've got five or six quilt tops just waiting to be finished - but I like making the tops too much to do the quilting! Hehe. Someone asked me what I would do with all those quilts around the house, and I told them I usually give away clothing to make room - I only really wear my work uniforms and pyjamas anyway!

4. Stick to my list when it comes to buying fabric! I've made myself a (tenative) list of what kind of fabrics I want to buy this year, and I have decided to stick with it. Mostly things from my favorite designers or stash builders I've seen and would like to have, all with saving money in mind!

5. Save money. I'm a big loser when it comes to saving, and this year - with my brother's surgery, my best friend's wedding, and other things pressing on my wallet - I'm ending 2011 with $14 in the savings department (and that's in coins). So this year, I'm determined to save up! I'm cutting out: eating out every week, buying movies all the time, and just generally wasting money on things I don't need. I think I'll feel better for it.

6. Declutter! The organization continues. In 2011 I began to feel like I had too much - and I think I was right. I've made efforts this year, moreso than any other, to simply give away things I haven't touched in six months. But there are more things I need to let go of, and I'm going to see it done!

7. Try new things. I think I've improved as a quilter this year: I've tried new things, and I want to keep trying new things. I'd like to try paper pierced blocks, a farmer's wife quilt out of scraps, mod mosaic blocks, a crazy quilt, and a few other things I've had in mind! In trying new things, I hope to grow and become an AWESOME quilter!

8. Buy a new camera! And post pictures! I've been borrowing my dad's camera, using instagram, all of that jazz ... but I think I need my own camera, hopefully sometime soon!

9. Avoid zombies. That one is just in case the apocalypse really DOES happen.

Those are my goals for 2012. What are yours?...

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