Friday, December 16, 2011

time off and the icky sick.

I took about four days off earlier in the week, and I'm pretty happy with what I did with them.

Sew. Watch Star Trek. Sit on Couch. Make Pizza. Sew.

Unfortunately - though I was actually excited to get back to work - I seem to have come down with a 24-48 hour stomach bug. Or something. I haven't felt this icky in a long time - I never get sick like this! So far, I've managed to keep down some soup broth, water, and sips of sprite. And some Excedrin for this damn headache that accompanied the nausea ... we had three big parties at work yesterday, and we've got a huge one tonight - and then our company party tomorrow! I'm hoping/praying that I'll feel up to some baking tonight, because I promised I'd bring the sweets (as well as the FUNK and the NOISE).

In the time I've had off, I got quite a bit of quilty stuff done, which was my goal in the first place.

- Cut out the fabric I needed for my Greek Cross Quilt.
- Cut out fabric for the "Kaleidoscopic Kites" Quilt for my boss.
- Finished all the fabrics for my "Little Miss Alice" quilt! I really love the look of this one. I'm going to buy a jelly roll to finish all the sashing and then it's done!
- LouLouthi Flannels Chevron top COMPLETED! Like. A. Boss.
- I even worked on my hexagon charm quilt! I think I've decided to turn it into two quilts ... I have a lot of hexagons. I mean, really. SO MANY.

I finally decided on a real pattern for my Modern Meadow Fat Quarter bundle. Ultimately, I wanted a traditional pattern to reflect the vintagey-feel of the fabrics, and after toying with the idea of a Farmer's Wife quilt, I decided to go with a Sawtooth Star quilt that would both a.) showcase some of the larger-scale prints and b.) be really AWESOME looking. I've already started cutting out the fabric for it, which basically cements the project for me...

I'm also debating buying a bolt of Kona White. I pretty much use it all the time, and I'm kind of getting tired of having to constantly go to Joann's or Hobby Lobby, which is forty-five minutes away for me ...

Also, there's a LOT of fabric out there right now I'm coveting. LouLouthi Velveteens, Boho by Annette Tatum, and a lot of the charm packs for Moda that were just released ... oh, tax return, why are you not here yet?...

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