Friday, November 25, 2011


This was a Thanksgiving of firsts for me.

The first Thanksgiving I've ever cooked the meal. The first Thanksgiving spent at my apartment. The first Thanksgiving without my mom.

All in all, it went pretty good. The food turned out better than I expected (my brothers said they loved it; tasted alright to me, so I guess they're being honest), my apartment looked awesome, and I got to eat Thanksgiving dinner (or in our case, lunch) with my oldest brother for the first time 13 years! (I also got to show off a few quilt tops to a captive audience!)

I kicked them all out, of course, before the "football game watching" could commence (in order for me to play Zelda, which I did - for three hours).

- I cut fabric out for a quilt for one of my bosses - this one I'm calling "In The Sea", and it's using the same Kaleidoscopic Kites pattern I used previously.

- I worked a little on the LouLouthi row - I'm now about halfway done with it. Every time I look at this quilt, I'm enraptured! I love Anna Maria Horner's work, and all of the different LouLouthi substrates have been enchanting - I can't wait for the velveteens to come out, because I'm really looking foward to working with them!

- I watched Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. "I have always been, and will always be, your friend." Spock + Kirk are like the best buds ever. (Except for me and my best bud!)

-I also got a couple new books! "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan", featuring the art of Mary Blair ... I'm loving them! And I bought "Scrap Republic" by Emily Cier, which is excellent. I'm looking forward to delving into my (carefully saved) scraps now, for sure!

- I bought Star Trek: Season 2. I love this show - and I'm glad it's coming in the mail, because I'll be saving the watching of it for my vacation next month! Yay!

That's about it for today. This afternoon, my brother and I are off to Barnes and Noble and Fry's; he's got money in his pocket and it's bothering him. (If only all of us had these problems ... sigh!) Later days!

- Katie

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