Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Been Awhile

I looked today and realized that wow, I hadn't updated in a long, long time!

Chalk that up to summer. Working in a restaurant is not conducive to having any time to do anything, especially when you live on an island. It's difficult to get anything done when you're working 12 hour days, much less blogging.

But life goes on! Despite the hectic schedule, I have managed to finish three more quilt tops! I'm rather proud of these, I have to say! More on these later.

I've curbed my fabric buying, but it hasn't stopped completely. How could it, with all of my favorite designers coming out with new lines? You're now looking at a proud owner of Field Study, The Birds and the Bees, Chicopee, and Out to Sea. I'm also pretty psyched about some lines of fabric that are coming out soon ... super, super psyched!

I also took in this little girl. Her name is Sulli, she's a Chihuahua, and she's about three months old. A friend of mine at work was giving them away, and I figured, "What the hell?" I've lived alone for the last three years, so we're still adjusting to each other ... but it's pretty awesome when to cut up fabric and have her grab a toy and sit at my feet. Pretty nice indeed. And besides a few accidents (one of which was on my newly finished Habitat top), we're doing alright!

All in all, I'm working on making this a better blog. I now have internet at the house (wi-fi!) on a laptop that works (hooray!), which is going to make it ten times easier to actually BLOG the things I'm doing. And with Instagram, who needs a digital camera anyway?

I'll be back later this week with some photos of the quilts I've done and some more insight on those! Later Days!

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