Sunday, April 22, 2012

tea-dying and fabric buying

You know how sometimes you get a LOT done, and you want to write about it, but you can't sit yourself down at a computer to do so? Yeah. This week has been like that. But I have, you know, gotten a lot done! I'm very excited. It makes me glad to go home and know that everything is all nice, neat, and in-progress!

- I finished the first four desserts of the "Dessert-of-the-Month" club! I'm anxiously awaiting the confection for May (my birth month!)

- Having loved completing that so much, I bought the Fruit-of-the-Month club pattern, too! One week and nearly all of the thread later (JoAnn's was out of some), I'm nearly ready to begin!

- Because it seems as though places only carry either white or cream cross-stitch fabric, I tea-dyed mine. I have been having SO MUCH FUN tea-dying fabrics! I have an entire post ready to dedicate to this - hopefully it'll be up next week, when I've experimented yet more!

- Guess who finally got their air-filters changed? Me, that's who :) I'm trying to avoid the eventuality of my air conditioner breaking down (like it's done the past two summers ... le sigh)

- Watched "The Witches of Oz". It was cute, and Sean Astin and Billy Boyd were in it, so that was a plus for me!

- I may have bought some movies (like The Incredible Hulk, Pebble and the Penguin, Nemo's Adventure to Slumberland, Flight of Dragons...) and the artbook for the Avengers ... and some more Funko! Pop dolls ... which I may or may not be collecting.

- And some of Valori Wells' "Cocoon" may have found it's way to my house. The colors are the bomb in person, just sayin'. And I may have taken advantage of the FMF sale at Fabricworm and ordered some more prints that I initially planned. Ahem.

All in all, it's been a very good, very productive week. I'm looking forward to sewing tonight, and cleaning, and eating with my brothers!

P.S. Is anyone PSYCHED about the fabric coming out this spring? Nightshade, Tula Pink's other collection, Anna Maria's next collection, Guising, Winterkist... does anyone need a kidney donated? Because I think my collection is about to increase. Ya'll have a good weekend. See you later!

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