Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Progress! And Success!

I had a nice, few days off. Friday morning I got to pick out the fabrics I wanted to use for my quilt!

Like I mentioned last time, my goal was to use Parisville and Hello Pilgrim to make two easy quilt tops to whittle down my stash. What I love about both of these lines is how graphic and colorful they are - I'm a big fan of using color in quilts, and these two were definitely must-haves for me.

Not only did I use nearly the entire collection of Parisville (with a few exceptions), I paired it with some Cotton Couture solids. I'm not sure about all of the names at the moment - some of them were paired with Michael Miller's "Secret Garden" line, and some others were picked because they were major eye candy. That green in there, for instance, is called "Mermaid". How could I resist?

I ended up using an old pattern I've done before, by Oh Fransson - the "Charm Squares Baby Quilt". Except that this one will be more like a "Charm Squares Semi-Adult" quilt. 

By the end of my morning off, I'd cut up all the pieces I needed to begin. Everything got put on the pack burner until Sunday, when I had the whole day off - instead of starting on the Parisville quilt, I ironed and cut my "Hello Pilgrim" fabrics.

I'm a huge fan of those jewel fabrics, and this line did not disappoint. I've bought nearly all of them in yardage for future use because I'm a dork. And I love, love, love the colors in this line - so bright, so happy. It reminds me of a meadow. I'm saving all of my Lizzy House fabrics to make a bigger, more intricate quilt, so this was perfect to just use half of these fat quarters!

And here's some preliminary layouts. Nothing too final. I would have gotten further, but when you've been cutting for a while and you're watching Doctor Who and your dog is barking because you're not paying attention, well, it's probably time to call it a day.

Besides, who could say no to this face? 

That's all she wrote for today, folks. I can't wait for Sunday so I can start really working on these quilts - who knows, I might knock one of the two out!

 - Later Days,

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