Tuesday, September 11, 2012

except for the sound of bouzoukia...

... good golly, miss Molly, it's been a slow afternoon.

We've had two customers in the last two hours. Blame in on the fall, but the busy season is over. With my office work done - even the filing, which is a miracle - and bills paid, I've had the afternoon to think.

What do I want to accomplish as this year draws to a close? I brought my quilt books with me this morning, since I have to close - two of the many, that is - and I was thinking about what quilts to start next when I realized I had a lot more quilt tops made than I've had quilts finished.

So I think that's one of my goals. I'd like to have a few quilts finished by the end of the year, and a tangible place to have them - which means a little cleaning out of the ol' apartment. I've been meaning to do it anyway with the addition of Sulli to my household, but now it's kind of cemented. So that's goal two: clean the house.

Here's my simple list of goals for these last few months of the year:

1. Quilt and bind at least three of the tops I have in my closet. At least one of those should be for my bed, because there's at least four for that size!

2. I want to try out my new machine's free-motion quilting attachment.

3. Pot Holders! I've got all I need to make them, I just need to - well - make them... I love bright colors in my home to contrast with the white and black color scheme of the furniture and walls, so these are all from the 'snip snip' prints from Half Moon Modern, Wonderland, and the tiny deer from Oh Deer!

4. Clean the apartment! Or rather, re-organize and get rid of things I'll never wear (or fit into...)

5. Make some quick, easy quilt tops with fabric I've been meaning to use. So far, I'm thinking Parisville, Hello Pilgrim, and maybe Cocoon; I've got the first two planned and the last one I'm still thinking about :)

6. Design some stuffed sea creatures for my nephew's mobile. This one I need to get on STAT.

So there you have it. My list. Many things disguised as six things, but I think I can handle it! I'm still working on getting this darn google plus app to work, but I'll be back later this week with some pictures of quilt tops I've finished and other fun stuff.

Later days! - Kait

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