Saturday, January 12, 2013

Works in Progress

We haven't seen "The Hobbit" for the fifth time yet. (YET.)

But we did buy these ridiculous ass Lord of the Rings Pez because we didn't think we could live without them. Dear Walmart: thank you for these!

After deciding to downsize the amount of blocks I was going to have on the first tea-dyed quilt, I finished them last Monday night!

This pic is a little blurry, but this is my favorite block. Mad props to Joann's for having such pretty white-on-white prints! 

Sometime these next few weeks, I plan on piecing these (should be easy enough) and then figuring out where I want to appliqué the doilies, etc. I'm thinking perhaps some flowers, too, but I'm undecided about that at the moment.

Saw these patterns in a McCall's quilting magazine and I'm kind of psyched to try them out! I'm thinking AMH Field Study for "Saddle Tramp", which seems rather easy to do (or so I hope).

I dragged out all of my Denyse Schmidt prints and got a wild idea for a sawtooth star quilt. I'll be picking up a few more tomorrow for a total of an even hundred! I can't wait to get started on this one.

This area was clean (once upon a time)...

... but I did manage to make some progress on this front! I've got about 80 more triangles to do (which is about 640 more selvedges) (and 160 more pieces of scrap fabric) to have a complete quilt top. I'm pretty sure I'm going to exhaust my selvedge collection by then (which is the whole point!)

I'm off tomorrow, and we're headed to Joann's so I can blow my gift card! After that, I have some crafty plans for January:

1. Piece my first tea-dyed quilt.

2. Piece the rest of the Weasley blocks!

3. Cut out all the pieces from the DS Quilts sawtooth star.

5. Double check my stash for selvedges. I get a feeling I'm going to run out ...

6. Finish as many selvedge spiderweb blocks as I can! 

7. Piece Outfoxed blocks quilt top.

That's a pretty ambitious list, but I plan on staying up late late tonight to finish a little bit of something. Right now it's back to the grindstone ... so later days!

- Kait

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