Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A great weekend and some quilting progress.

But then, all weekends are great when you spend them with the right people!

I prefer to spend my weekends with this fool, with whom I have many ridiculous adventures.

(we couldn't resist the tiny chairs).

I bought this Hobbit pattern to cross-stitch from Gracie Cross Stitch on Etsy. I am pretty much in love with this movie and I was so, so happy to see something this awesome! I'm going to switch it around a bit, but she did a beautiful job of capturing these characters (with whom I am a little obsessed).

So I immediately went and bought thread (a lot of which I was missing, surprisingly) and cross-stitch material. I tea-dyed the cross-stitch material, since I wanted it to be an old-looking, parchment type color. To do so, I used a mix of Bigelow "Peppermint" and "Earl Grey".

I bought some more plaids in anticipation of my Weasley blanket. (Along with some cute DS Quilts prints).

And when I finished all of those blocks, and discovered that it wasn't quite as large as I wanted ...
(An idea that I think Sulli shares...)

I bought some MORE plaids.

It seems I have a bit of a thing for them. Personally I believe you can never have TOO many...

I also drew this picture of a Corgi, because God willing, I'll be bringing a little fellow home in less than two weeks, and I am unbelievably excited!

Sully knows nothing of my dastardly plan (or she is choosing to ignore me when I mention her little brother).

Dolmades were eaten (and they were delicious!)

I also worked a bit on my Outfoxed Quilt. My goal is to finish at least three quilt tops before I get our new little buddy, because I'll obviously be ridiculously occupied with the adorableness. Obviously.

And this quilt top has been mostly pieced, although there needs to be a border ... 

... although it is, again, Too Small by my standards. (I like big quilts and I cannot lie!)

So that's what I'm working on this week: finishing an Outfoxed top, some Weasley blocks, and a Floral top. 
And possibly getting started on a Hobbit cross stitch.

And now I leave you with THIS lovely image:

She's as cute as her Mom. (ahem).

Later Days!

- Katie

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