Friday, January 25, 2013

It's friday, everyone. Yayyyy.

Can you sense my enthusiasm? It may be a bit muted because I am beyond tired this morning. I had a surprise (okay, not really, but it was surprising because I forgot) from our hood cleaners and had to wait another three and a half hours for them to finish their work. So a 12.5 hour day became a 16 hour day, somehow, but at least I had a plethora of SNL videos to watch and my brother to keep me company.

Here's a picture of him huddling in the fetal position. Two words: Crystal Gravy.

I got these in. I think they're the bee's knees. Twenty-four different colors, all in stars, stars, stars! It's the Little Star Sampler from Connecting Threads, and at 35.76 it's not a bad deal, if you need some stash builders!

Cut up all my plaids! Those shirting materials are nothing but trouble. I guess I could have starched them, and if I work with plaid shirtings again (since I still have a bit left over) I think I might.

It did not help that I had a puppy sitting on my shoulder because I would not let her sit in my lap. She's persistent, that one!

Also, this happened. I pulled my Field Study by AMH and Cocoon by Valori Wells and put them in rainbow order, and all of a sudden I was in love! Funny how that works. All my moth-related fabrics in one place (this stack includes a few prints from Patty Young's Flora and Fauna and some solids in royal blue, teal, gold, fuchsia, and brown). I'm planning on cutting into these babies tonight when I figure exactly how I want the pattern to look!

I have a goal for my apartment this year, and it boils down to three words: more efficient storage. There's got to be a way to move everything around so that it works better! (At least, that's what I hope!) My first task is to get rid of the big, hulking dresser I currently own and get something smaller, possibly from Ikea, and then refigure the room so it better suits my needs. I'd love a sewing table, but that'll be a project for the future!

And now I need to clean my office. I like to think of it as currently "moreganized" - because it ain't there yet, but it's more organized than yesterday. It's a work in progress (and has been for awhile. My coworker says that it took us nine years to dirty the thing and it'll take more than a few days to clean it, and I'm inclined to agree).

So on that note, later days!

- Kait

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