Friday, October 26, 2012

what a week, what a week

Just when you think the off season is going to give you a quieter time at work, in comes a slew of caterings and meetings to prove you wrong.

I began the week with a five hour meeting, followed by two four hour meetings the next two days, along with a few caterings - I just finished one this morning, and I've got two more tomorrow. I'm grateful for the work - so incredibly grateful - but my attention span is really meant for about TWO hours. After that, I get a headache. That's why I'm always moving from project to project! Reading book by book by book!

Where to start? Well, for one, the puppy went back to the vet. Some redness and loss of hair on her head and ears gave the vet cause to believe she had an infection; a week's worth of antibiotics didn't do much, so the final diagnosis was a mild case of Demodectic mange. Aside from the new antibiotics (which she eats because I bribe her with cheese) and the ointment (which I trick her into letting me put on), she also has to have two medicated baths a week. 

None of this has affected her ability to be adorable. 

She's even developed a new hobby of sitting behind the curtains. I often come home and find them all oddly jacked up; of course there can be only one culprit!

She also has a new habit of wanting to be in the tub! Sulli cries when I'm in the bathroom putting on makeup ...

(Forgive the terrible lighting in my bathroom; I've been too lazy to have them come by and add bulbs...)

In other news, I got to sew a bit! Yay! And my cross-stitching has continued as usual; it's an easier feat to attempt when there's a fussy puppy running around than sitting down at a sewing machine.

I'm finished with February (Grapefruit) now, and have moved on to sweet, sweet March (Kiwi). I also bought the new sampler, the Kawaii Winter Countdown, and TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT for November 5th! I even dyed my cross-stitch fabric:

It's actually a few shades darker than the one I previously dyed for a sampler (above). I'll put together my next post on tea-dyeing and the methods I use, but it definitely works! (It helps that it's fun and quick!) I double-dyed this one to make it darker, using Earl Grey both times (but different brands; I just used what I had on hand), and using a higher concentration of tea bags the second time around. I might dye it again if I thought it would make it darker...

I'm in love with the "Pirate Stripe" from "Out to Sea" by Sarah Jane. It's perfect. When my best friend requested something nautical for her baby's nursery, this stripe was immediately what I thought of for binding!

With the top basted, I've also started quilting on it:

Using a darker, royal blue for the outside/inside of the stars and a matching shade for the stars themselves, the effect on the back is beautiful. The only problem with my progress is that my hands start to ache after awhile, and I have to set it aside for a little while. (Also, certain puppies like to chew on the edges, and that is no bueno).

That's all for today. I'll leave you with a picture of some legos and a poor pretzel vendor who never had a chance (in honor of Oktoberfest!)

Run, pretzel man, run! 

Later Days!

- Katie

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