Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Only Wednesday? Jeez.

This dog is killing me. I am worn. out.

Let no man tell you that raising a puppy is in any way, shape, or form, "a breeze". Nor is it "cheap". I knew that getting a dog would be a lifetime commitment - and when I picked a Chihuahua, I knew it would be a 15 year plus commitment. And truth be told, I've really enjoyed having a companion around the house.

But it's been six or seven years since the last time my parents had a puppy, and I'd forgotten how difficult it could be. Of course she was easy-going at first; she was only five weeks old! Now she's about four months, rambunctious, and very needy. If she doesn't have my immediate attention, she barks or whines. It's behavior I'm trying to correct, but it takes time. Lots of time...and patience.

On the other hand, look at how adorable she is. And she's actually very sweet and loving, and I'm sure once she grows and we get used to each other, she'll be a great dog. 

In the meantime, my main issue has been sewing. I've lived alone for the last three years so I'm used to just doing whatever I want, whenever I want. But when I get on the sewing machine, and she wants my attention, she barks incessantly. I finally got the spray bottle out and got her and she quieted down, but it's a technique I'm sure I should use. I didn't want to, but I think crate training is going to be the route we have to go down. 

In less frustrating news, I ordered some new fabric for a friend's quilt - some The Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink, some old script from Nevermore, and some miscellaneous prints here and there. I think they'll make a nice, simple quilt (and I really owe this lady one!)

I thought about buying the pattern for a Weekender bag - I'd really like to have one, and I'd like to make my sister-in-law one. After seeing Oh! Fransson's pictures where she used Quilt-As-You-Go techniques in the place of some interfacing, I'd love to try my hand at it! I love QAYG. 

One good thing about having a puppy who likes to sleep on the couch next to you is that it has allowed me (forced me?) to work more on cross-stitch. I finished the last four months I was missing from my Dessert of the Month sampler, and I organized my embroidery thread while I was at it. Look at me GO.   I was super excited to read that they had another winter sampler coming out soon - I love their cute designs!

No sewing news at the moment (see the above paragraphs), but I'm hoping to get a little done on Friday. After I clean (which has been neglected) and sleep (because I've been feeling super icky the last few days. Damn achy teeth).

Later Days!

- Katie

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