Thursday, November 1, 2012

my vacation: come and gone!

When I say "vacation," I typically mean a day or two that I take off work and sit and home. I usually also pretend like I'm somewhere else so I won't be asked to do anything.

Yes, I'm that lazy.

As far as vacations go, this one was pretty sweet. Although my weekend started off with a wedding:

(Sorry for the blurry pic, my hands shake a lot!)

It was really nice and simple, but after about four hours of being outside in 50 degree weather, one gets a little cold! And it threw my sinuses all out of whack...

We traveled to Todd Mission, TX, the next day for the Renaissance Faire! Heading out early was best, and we got there plenty early. After a few hours of walking around, eating - CHEESECAKE ON A STICK, YA'LL - buying tiny pirate ships - and more eating - we headed home, happy and sated.

I wish I'd gotten more pictures than just those of my brothers and their swords!

And of us being (very) silly.

They had crossbows this year! If I had ANY use for one, I'd buy one. But I don't, so that idea was out...

We celebrated my youngest brother's 19th birthday! We normally don't eat cake (he's a bigger fan of pumpkin pie) but our neighbor was kind enough to bake him this cake as a surprise! What a lucky young adult :)

I spent my remaining two days doing the funnest things I know: playing with my puppy and SEWING.

(she's vicious, this one)

(but only until she wants to snuggle)
(she also got a new collar, and she likes it a lot better) (I think)

A morning trip to Joann's yielded some goodies: embroidery floss for my soon-to-be Kawaii Winter Sampler (we got the first patterns today! I AM SO PSYCHED YOU HAVE NO IDEA).

 and some yarn! After years of deeming it an activity I have no ability to do, I've decided to take up knitting. Mostly it's just been confusing for me, directions wise, but I'm sure if I give it another go I'll get it for sure! I've been seeing too many cowls and socks and awesome scarves NOT to try!

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Have you guys seen the "Ron Weasley" blanket making the rounds on Pinterest? I thought about making one as-is, so I picked up these flannels and shirting fabrics...

But then I picked up some tea-dyed fabrics...

And now I'm thinking about a Weasley blanket with sawtooth stars! That fabric on top is a really nice fabric to dye, by the way - it's a solid stripe, but I think it would be really pretty with colored dye, so I've got a few yards stashed away. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby - I think they've got it at both Webster/Clear Lake area stores.

I also went by Target, and that's when I saw this beauty:

I couldn't NOT get it. I walked around the store, but ultimately I had to go back. It was calling me! As a Charlie Harper fan, it was a MUST. I can't wait to get started - I missed out on their paint by number they had earlier, so I jumped on this chance! 

That's all for now! I'm hoping to get a little further on that baby quilt this weekend - I might tea-dye a little fabric tonight, cut out some more Weasley squares! You never know. It's Biker Rally down here this weekend, so I'm staying inside - traffic's too bad!

I don't think this little doll will mind if I do :)

Later days!

- Kait

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