Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Around Here

This has definitely been an eventful week!

For starters, my younger brother - who has, for the last month, been complaining of pain in his wrist - was recently discovered to have had a fracture in his scaphoid. So after three weeks in a splint and another visit to a doctor yesterday, this time an actual orthopaedist, Friday is now set aside for his surgery. They're putting a screw in his wrist. And while it's outpatient, and he'll be going home afterward, I'm still as nervous as all-get-out! He's been lucky enough to have never needed a surgery or any kind of painkiller, but in this case it's strange new territory for us. I'm taking two days off this weekend to make sure he's doing okay, and then it's back to work for me (and back to school for him the following Tuesday).

Aside from that, there's been a lot of laundry, very little cleaning, and some sewing. I'm very excited to have finished all of my Prince Charming Log Cabin blocks, and have sewn two of my six rows together. I have very few sewing plans this week, but here are the few I aim to accomplish:

- To finish at least two more rows for my Prince Charming Quilt. Once I get the top out of the way, I think I can concentrate on some of my OTHER projects!
- To cut out more fabric for my Castle of 1001 Peeps Quilt (namely, the solids I had to order to match the fabrics ... Joann's does NOT have a great selection!)
- To organize that quilt by blocks and label them!
- To organize my Poseidon Greek Cross quilt by blocks!

I can't do much on Friday or Saturday because he needs his rest ... so I'm planning on tidying up my dad's house and watching movies while he rests in the bedroom. And for tonight - well, I think I'll clean MY apartment, since it's going to be sorely neglected this weekend.

On that note, later days!

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