Tuesday, August 23, 2011



I haven't posted in a couple weeks ... partly because I've had difficulty with figuring out what to post, and partly because I've been rather busy. The last few weeks of school have caught up with me - between buying school clothes and getting in some last minute hanging out with my younger brother, I've had very little time to write!

I'm proud to say that I've spent very little money on new fabrics these last couple months. I've been on a stricter-than-usual budget and I'm pretty pleased to say that I'm actually whittling down on my stash, not adding to it. With that said, I have a few items I've got my eye on:

- My first can of basting spray. I know, have I been living in the dark ages? While I can't use it on the quilt I hope to baste soon - my little folks patchwork quilt - I do intend to use it on some gift quilts this winter. And I'm very excited to do so!
- Some more voile for my quilt backing. I'm thinking a yard or two of Clippings in Sherry (or Forest). I do so love Anna Maria's Voiles ...
- Quilter's Dream Request Loft Batting for my voile quilt. I want this one to be thin, trim, and light, so this is the batting I've heard is thinnest.
- A couple Warm-and-White Queen size battings. I think it's time to stock up, and Amazon always has them on sale cheaper than the store ...
- A new camera. I've been without one for months - hence the lack of pictures here and on my other blog - and I'd love to be able to better document my processes.

It's ambitious, I know. But quilting is the thing that makes me happiest (aside from family, work, and God), so it's important to me to have the right tools. I'm hoping to delve into these things this week ... and a little (LITTLE!) bit of fabric might jump into that cart, too. You never know.

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