Friday, August 5, 2011

Starting Anew

Today, I started a new blog.

Or rather, an improved, more organized version of my previous blog! I realized, as I was writing today, that there were a few things I wasn't completely pleased with when it came down to it. For one, it was disorganized - this blog is, for me, like a quilting journal, a place I can use to interact with a vibrant online community. But I couldn't see doing that if the posting was sporadic and - to phrase my mother - "all lollygaggle".

For another, the name I chose for my previous one - lackadaisicality - was spelled incorrectly (it's not even a word, but the way I spelled it and the way it is actually written for pronunciation was wrong). And that was on my URL - another issue was the name itself being difficult to spell, and therefore difficult to visit.

So here we are! Gulfwater Quilts. Named so because of the lovely gulf waters I have the privelege of looking out on every morning and night. A new name to reflect where I have come from - my saltwater soul - and the one hobby that has continued to fuel my creativity: quilting.

So here's to new starts.

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